Terms and Conditions

The User/Visitor/Buyer understand and accept the business contacts, emails provided by EasyLeads are collected from public domain, which includes multiple websites, social profiles, and surveys that we do to collect the information of businesses. The same information, we consolidate with all available attributes make different categories of database list that we provide to direct businesses.

We are just information consolidators; we do not do any kind of validation. Please proceed further only after reading our T&C.


By visiting this website www.easyleads.co.in you ACCEPT the Terms & Conditions of Skumar Business Development Services “EASYLEADS”. If you (USER/BUYER/PURCHASER/VISITOR) do not agree or accept our terms & conditions please do not use this website and leave this website immediately & please do not proceed.

The following are the terms and conditions for using the website (www.easyleads.co.in) and its offerings (paid and free).

The USER/USERS of this website accepts that the “database” provided by EasyLeads and the details provided in the database like mobile number, address, email address are not filtered or verified by EASYLEADS. We strictly recommend USER/USERS to filter the mobile numbers as per TRAI rules and follow all the rules and regulations of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India - www.trai.gov.in and www.nccptrai.gov.in) and other laws, notifications, circulars or orders (applicable laws) issued by the relevant authority/ies from time to time.

EasyLeads is not responsible, answerable, liable, and questionable if any of the USER contravenes any provision or fails to follow the applicable laws. If the USER is not following the TRAI rules and regulations and sending marketing SMS and/or making Marketing calls to mobile subscriber who registers their mobile number with TRAI for DND (DO NOT DISTURB) Services then any third party (who received the Marketing SMS/CALLS) has the right to take action against USER and the USER by accepting these terms and conditions INDEMNIFIES EASYLEADS for any costs, losses, compensation incurred/suffered by EASYLEADS for any legal action taken by ANY THIRD PARTY against EASYLEADS for the WRONGFUL USE by THE USER of the “DATABASE/DATA PROVIDED IN THE DATABASE”.

EASYLEADS does not give any guarantee to the USERS for the accuracy of mobile numbers. The mobile numbers may be not valid or not live or inactive.

After purchasing the mobile number database pack from www.easyleads.co.in, USER has to use the Mobile numbers only for their product/business/service promotion and USER SHOULD NOT USE for SPAMMING or OTHER ILLEGAL PURPOSE.

THE USER Will not sell or transfer THE DATABASE to any other person/EasyLeads/body corporate without obtaining authorization of EASYLEADS and any such use without authorization Will be ILLEGAL and EASYLEADS is entitled to take appropriate LEGAL ACTION against such USER.

If USER does any illegal activity or spamming then any third party has rights to take action against the USER.

EASYLEADS has full rights to modify or stop the existing offers/free gifts/any other free items at any time without any prior notice.

All the offers/free gifts/any other free items are subject to availability.

EASYLEADS never gives any warranty or any guarantee or any other promise to USERs for mobile number database pack correctness, accuracy, adequacy, usefulness, timeliness, reliability or otherwise.


EASYLEADS does not and cannot review all communications and materials posted to or created by users accessing the site, and are not in any manner responsible for the content of these communications and materials. You acknowledge that by providing you with the ability to view and distribute user-generated content on the site, EASYLEADS is merely acting as a passive conduit for such distribution and is not undertaking any obligation or liability relating to any contents or activities on the site. However, EASYLEADS reserves the right to block or remove communications or materials comes to its knowledge specifically by any user and it determines to be

(a) abusive, defamatory, or obscene,

(b) fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading,

(c) in violation of a copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of another or

(d) offensive or otherwise unacceptable to www.easyleads.co.inin its sole discretion.

Disclaimer of Liability

EASYLEADS will not be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential, arising out of or in any way connected to the use of the 's/Database/Service or with the delay or inability to use the 's/Database/Service, or for any information.

The User Agreement

By visiting this website/ purchasing the product from www.databaseprovider.in, I (USER/BUYER/PURCHASER/VISITOR) hereby declare and accept the below.

I clearly know that any database or custom database or email list or mobile list freely provided by THE EASYLEADS comes with no guarantee of response rate or accuracy.

I understand that all sales are final, and there are no refunds except subject to refund policy.

I hereby declare that I will not use the email ids or mobile list for any illegal purpose after purchasing.

I hereby declare that I will not send any spam emails or SMS.

I clearly understand that THE EASYLEADS did not give me any guarantee or warranty for the accuracy of the database.

I clearly understand that “database” provided by the EasyLeads and the details provided in the database like mobile number, address, email address are not filtered or verified by THE EASYLEADS.

I hereby declare that I will filter the provided data as per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India - www.trai.gov.in and www.nccptrai.gov.in) rules and will follow all the rules and regulation of TRAI before starting my Telemarketing activities. I clearly understood that I will be punished as per the TRAI rules and regulation in case if I fail to follow the instructions specified/provided by TRAI.

I clearly understand that THE EASYLEADS does not provide any personal information and if I come across any personal information in the DATABASE, I undertake to delete the same immediately and will not share or use the said data for any purpose whatsoever. I will also intimate the said fact to THE EASYLEADS.