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What is the accuracy of your contacts?

The average accuracy of on email is up to 70% and contact numbers are up to 90%, it completely depends on The kind of marketing you are going to do. We recommend filtering the it before starting the marketing campaigns.

How do I get these contacts?

First, you need to call/WhatsApp us and take the sample of profiles as per your selection. Once you confirm that you are okay with the sample data, You can make the payment to us using UPI, Paytm, G-pay, or NEFT/IMPS transfer in our bank account.

Share the payment Receipt with us to get the Zip file, cloud Link, or individual excel sheet format. the file format completely depends on data categories and the file size.

Our complete directory is available in excel format which can be easily used for different marketing activities.

How do you get this data?

We Provide B2B and B2C contacts For India, USA, Europe, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

We create profiles of business people and companies, which we call “Public Profiles,” from different sources. Once we have collected Business Information about a person or company, we combine multiple mentions of the same person or company into a Public Profile. The resulting directory of Public Profiles (the “Directory”) is then made available to the users and our customers and strategic partners.

We obtains the list for its Public Profiles in several ways including:

  • We search & scans the web and gathers publicly available information.

  • We get information from other companies.

  • Through market research surveys and phone interviews conducted by our team.

How can I use this?

The fair use of the records is allowed for sales marketing and business promotional activities ( following TRAI rules) with Individuals or The company's consent.

Before you revise an email campaign on the same contacts, always remove contacts who have unsubscribed, Blocked, and marked you as spammer, if no response/unsubscribed by a contact/company/Individual to get better marketing results.

We will not be responsible for any complaint against your organization due to irrelevant content sent to someone.


Our pricing is very reasonable so it wouldn't be a burden on your pocket. the starting price for a single category is INR 999 for Indian database categories.

the cost for international files start with INR 1299 per category.

We provide different categories of business database from different industries, In case if you have some custom requirement of database, Please feel free to contact us, we can do database research based on your need.

Our small team can help you find your targeted audience anywhere around the world.

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Ajeet Singh

Email: sales@easyleads.co.in

Mobile Number: +91 90 45 786 691