Cancellation & Refund Policy

Normally we share database sample before you buy it, so that you can check it and purchase only if you agree and consider it helpful for your business. still incase if you find the database shared with you is not relevant or not the same as it was shared in the sample, below is our cancellation and Refund policy:

User/Buyer Confirmation While Cancelling the Order

  • The User/Buyer has to confirm that the data file has not been shared with anyone.

  • The database has not been used for any marketing campaign

  • There is a discrepancy in database what was requested and the database which has been shared

Refund Process

You need to report data discrepancy to us within 24 Hours then only refund will be possible.

The refund will processes after our internal verification/validation of the data file that you shared with the original sample (and validation points if shared by you)

In order to raise Cancellation/Refund Request within 24 Hour you need to write an email and make a call to us on below given contact details within 24 Hours:


Phone: +91 9045 786 691

How will i get my refund?

Post validating the database if we found that it was not the same as you ordered, we will process the refund in your bank account OR though UPI transfer OR through IMPS Transfer with 72 Hours.

You will also get a refund processed email/SMS/Whatsapp message from our side as an acknowledgement of refund.

For any question/assistance regarding refunds and cancellation please contact us.