Best Ways To Generate Leads For SAAS Business

Building a SAAS business is not as easy as it looks from outside! From product development to making it live, the process takes lot of time efforts and huge cost. there is no denial of the fact that there's is great demand of different SAAS applications across global industries. still reaching out to the right people, onboarding them and get them paid is one of the most difficult task.

Before you go for Marketing!

There multiple ways to generate leads/opportunities /online demo request, but before you go for anytime of marketing, you need to identify few things which are very important, as below:

Identify Your Customer (Whom will you serve?)

Solution/Service that you have build serves to whom? (B2C or B2B or Both)

Identify Industry or Industries whom will you cater.

The Most important is to learn from your first few customers (Their feedback about application, feel, ease of use, pricing, features and more)

Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies For SAAS (IT & Software) Businesses

  1. Email Marketing

Introducing your products and services through emails is one of best way to connect with people. The email marketing is one of old but still effective way to generate leads. The best part of leads generated through email marketing is that the conversion of these leads are higher than other channels.

Things to remember while doing email marketing

  • Never send an email, shows you are selling something.

  • People buy something only when they need it.

  • Do not spam (don't send repeated email)

  • Keep your email list clean and updated

  • The content should be easy to understand

  • Always send follow-up emails

The image below shows ratting by global marketers on the effectiveness of different digital media channels.

2. SEO (Organic Leads)

Search Engine Optimization Improves your website ranking and brings the right queries to your website as a qualified leads. If implement right SEO strategy, you'll be able to target most qualified leads and business possibilities.

through i am not an SEO expert, but i've learned some simple and successful strategies which worked for my previous organizations.

so you have ask some questions from you (since you are the best person who know about your business):

  • Who is your right Prospect? (Whom should you sell your service/product)

  • What will you say to your prospect? (Best Pitch)

  • How will you engage your prospect? (Learn what they like, e.g. social media channels)

  • How will you convert your leads to sales? (Put them on top of your sales funnel and convince to buy)

3. Google Ads

If your budget allows, you can tryout Google ads which works very fine, if you have added right keywords, audience and content to showcase you google ads. rest everything will be taken care by google (from ranking to bringing volume).

I personally recommend google ads for B2B and B2C industries both, The ROI of google ads is better than any other social media channel.

4. Facebook Ads

I personally recommend Facebook for B2C industry, it can bring significant volume as new leads to business. but for B2B significantly it is not as good as for B2C. The content basics for Facebook ads remains same as google ads.

ROI for Facebook ads is good for B2C industries as per my experience.

5. Quora

There are more than 300 million people who search for different question related to services, products and industries every month, hence there is a huge opportunities for businesses to put right and meaningful content on Quora as answers and blogs.

The 2nd reason why I recommend Quora is that every user asks a very specific question on this platform so if the question is related to a solution or a product that you provide, your answer will automatically populate on top, which create a business opportunity for you.

If you have not started it, do it from today. It is a time taking affair but it really helps businesses around the world.

6. Calling

Cold calling is still most preferred method for lead generation for small and medium businesses, because people love listen about things from people (a personalized communication - a human thing). hence calling works for some businesses.

There are some simple things to be noted before calling:

  • A well prepared opening and closing script. (crisp and clear)

  • Trained Executives

  • Good Timing (it should not be early day hours and after work hours)

  • Follow-ups (there should be a multi round follow-up strategy to get good results on calling)


Sachin Kumar

SAAS Business Development Expert since 2017